Restograd Empire

Type: Restaurant in the Country, Restaurant, Banquet hall
Cuisine: European
Address: New Obukhov road, 17 km (Blue Lake) - now closed

Restoran now closed

Фото 1

The Empire of rest is located in the green zone 17 km away from Kiev, on the popular now New Obukhov road. This is a place where guests are welcome by the classics of luxury. Satin and velvet keep their embraces open for you. Crystal lustres twinkle in the semi-dim rooms and the waiters anticipate your every wish. Your favourite dishes appear on snow-white china while perfect wine – in glasses.  

Банкетный зал

Restograd Empire is a place where you always have a choice. You can comfortably install yourself in any of the three halls of this restaurant complex. The Golden Dining Hall is made of logs and furnished with plush divans and ornamented lustres.
The Emperor Banquet Hall is designed in deep maroon colours. Soft carpets make your feet sink, crystal clusters hang from the ceiling and the walls are covered with portraits of Moscow tsars and Kiev-Rus princes.

At the very top, under the vaulting, there is another hall. This is a luxurious and stylish lounge where the atmosphere of relaxation reigns on the softest divans in the world. In this divan land it’s easy to forget all trouble and to relax talking to a dear one, listening to music, enjoying the view, a hookah (kalian), delicious food and extra-class service.  

Летняя терраса

Do you have a reason to meet up with your close friends? Then five VIP rooms are at your service. Everyone will feel welcome at this event. You can do whatever you want here: watch your favourite films and sports programmes on a plasma screen, sing karaoke with friends, breathe in fresh pine-scented air and enjoy nature from open balconies. 

At Restograd there are summer houses for 18 people with a picturesque view of a pine forest and a plasma panel. A banquet or a business meeting can be held here in a cosy atmosphere.

Are you a fresh air lover? Then opt to rest under a light canopy on a spacious summer terrace. Make yourself comfortable in a cane arm-chair and get ready to listen to live music, enjoy a fragrant kalian and the view of your child happily playing on the playgroung. 

Детская площадка

About kids. Empire is heaven for kids. They can play games in the children’s room or on the playground in the care of an attentive baby-sitter. Also they can watch their favourite cartoons. There is one more special place – a children’s restaurant - Teremok. Soft sofas, comfortable tables, delicious and healthy dishes are all for children. Every Sunday cartoon characters and funny clowns wait for little guests. And children’s birthday parties are just wonderful at Empire! Be sure: your child will be delighted.

Общий зал

Now it’s time to talk about the cuisine. It is European, with some elements of popular Uzbek and Ukrainian cuisine. Professional imaginative chefs renew the menu every month. Interesting salads and snacks (including 4 kinds of carpacho), tender cream soups, duck gammon baked with asparagus under truffle sauce, the fillet of young lamb and juicy salmon – all this is a real empire of taste. All these exquisite dishes are accompanied by decent wines from the Old and New World that are kept in the wine cellar. An experienced sommelier will help you choose wine to your mood – table, vintage or elite. If you can’t imagine a good meal without a cigar, welcome to the cigar room! The best Cuban cigars complimented with cognac or whisky will put you in a good mood, help relax and forget about everything. 

It’s easy to come back to reality – a free Wi-Fi will help you. You can go online anywhere at Restograd, even in the secluded summer houses. Do you want to play your favourite computer game but you don’t have your laptop with you? Welcome to the Computer Hall with a good collection of games, where 10 powerful machines are always on standby. 

Restograd Empire will inevitably become your favourite country residence. Having chosen any corner on the vast territory of the complex you’ll be surrounded with attention and comfort. The halls and summer grounds will ideally suit any event: weddings, birthdays or parties.

Address: New Obukhov road, 17 km (Blue Lake) - now closed
Type: Restaurant in the Country, Restaurant, Banquet hall
Cuisine: European
Menu: Wild Game, Vegetarian, Grill, Child, Chargrill, Fish, Steak, Sigars
Offers: Breakfast, Selection of Wines
Features: VIP room, Wi-Fi, Playroom, Playground, Terrace, By the Water, Sigar room, Wine room
Entertainment: Live Music, Hookah, Karaoke, Board Game, Beach, Internet zone