Chervona Kalina

Type: Restaurant, Country
Cuisine: Ukrainian, Caucasian, European
Address:22 Henerala Vatutina Prosp, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 44 465-55-85

The idea and concept

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Eager to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and crowds of people, get some fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful Dnipro? Are you looking for the perfect place to relax and recharge your battery? There is such a place, a real natural energizer, - a restaurant located on the Dnipro bank in Druzhby Narodiv park. This restaurant is called Chervona Kalyna (viburnum).

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Let’s note from the beginning that this is not just an ordinary restaurant. Chervona Kalyna is a complex which resembles an ancient Ukrainian town. Apart from a two-story house with a restaurant there are several summer terraces, an outdoor bar, a summer dance floor, a beach, a separate wooden house, a sauna, a pool and much more, whatever you wish. The lush greenery and flowers feast your eyes. The restaurant territory boasts many different trees, including evergreen ones, mountain ashes, cherries, traditional Ukrainian willows, and of course, viburnum. The latter, as a Ukrainian lucky token, arises a special attention.


Generous Ukrainian hospitality is a law here, so for guests the restaurant is always ready to arrange a boat trip or fishing, a joyful corporate event or banquet in the open air or in a comfortable room. If you want to dock your own boat to the restaurant, there is a well-equipped jetty. And if you want to sit in a quiet place under the willows, where the waves of the Dnieper almost touch your toes, then your table will be placed there. All you will have to do is taste delicious food and enjoy the view.

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The building of the restaurant is different from what we are used to seeing in the city. It often happens that a city restaurant is in a basement with poor lighting and ventilation ... In contrast, the Chervona Kalyna restaurant is sizeable two-story house with large, elegantly dressed windows and tables. The interior is designed in the folk style in compliance with the customs and traditions of Ukrainian people.

The restaurant has three halls which can accommodate up to 400 people. Sure, not every restaurant can boast such a capacity! The first hall is called the Wedding Hall. It is designed for 100 seats and has a real Ukrainian open-fire oven, a bar with oak tables and chairs, and a stage for musicians. The Wedding Hall has many windows with embroidered curtains, so it always looks light and elegant. The walls are decorated with paintings of traditional Ukrainian scenes. This hall with a wooden ceiling and floor is spacious and comfortable. In winter Chervona Kalyna is additionally warmed by the oven, which makes it especially cozy.


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The real gem of the institution is its VIP-hall called Hetman. It accommodates 25 people and has one elegantly dressed table with upholstered chairs, a TV, and an aquarium with exotic fish. The hall is decorated with traditional Ukrainian towels, embroidery and paintings depicting Cossacks. In the Hetman Hall there is a semi-separate lounge furnished with soft sofas and armchairs. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the hall has its own exit to an outside cherry garden. It’s a special pleasure to be here in the spring when the cherry trees blossom. On the second floor there is a comfortable hall for 200 people.

The cuisine in Chervona Kalyna is Ukrainian and Caucasian. The latter is represented by a great choice of kebabs. Kebabs are made for you in any season in the courtyard of the restaurant on the grill. Order barbecue of pork or catfish, beef or poultry and you will be satisfied, because the barbecue cooked outdoors over charcoal gives a very appetizing smell of smoke. It is also known that any dish cooked on fire is much healthier.

A wonderful choice will be to order grilled sturgeon and grilled vegetables as the side dish. Ukrainian cuisine is rich in dishes of potatoes, and the restaurant offers plenty of potato dishes: potatoes baked with bacon and caraway seeds or fragrant and delicious "innkeeper pot" (potatoes baked in a pot with meat and onions). Ukrainian stuffed dumplings are represented in lots of types: with potatoes and mushrooms, meat, cabbage, cherries, etc.


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If you are pretty tired and hungry, try the soups. The "Fisherman's soup" is especially delicious with several varieties of fish, including pike and sturgeon. The "Ukrainian borsch with donuts" deserves the highest praise. And what about carp baked with mushrooms and holubtsy (cabbage rolls) with mushrooms! For dessert you can order and enjoy tasty apple pie.

Chervona Kalyna is an ideal place for weddings and other celebrations as the restaurant can seat 400 guests. For such events you can create a menu yourself or rely on a specially developed banquet menu comprised of the best dishes of the restaurant including: roasted piglet, duck stuffed with apples, roast turkey, sturgeon and many more.

In Chervona Kalyna you can rent a boat, fishing rods and deck chairs for sunbathing. The restaurant offers a wood sauna which can accommodate up to 10 people. The sauna has a swimming pool with Dnieper water, a lounge and billiards.

Come and enjoy your time here, do not deny yourself the pleasure!

Type: Restaurant, Country
Cuisine: Ukrainian, Caucasian, European
Menu: Grill, Children, Chargrill, Fish, Seafood, Beer, Steaks
Offers: Business Lunch, Wine Tasting, Breakfast
Features: VIPLounge, Fireplace, SummerTerrace, By the Water, HotelRooms, Playground, HousesPergolas, Conference Hall
Entertainment: Sauna, Billiards, Swimming Pool, Hookah, Karaoke, Water trips, Beach, Fishing, DanceFloor
Адрес: 22 Henerala Vatutina Prosp, Kyiv, Ukraine
Street: Henerala Vatutina prosp.
Metro: Petrivka, Minska, Obolon
Location: Druzhby Narodov park
Phone: +380 44 465-55-85
Order banquet phone: +380 44 465-55-85
Working time: From 11 am till 11 pm
Car park: Free, Guarded
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Admission: Free, face-control